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WHATS UP?! I'm Jake Paul.
24 y/o pro boxer / musical artist

Instagram: jakepaul
Twitter: jakepaul
Snapchat: jakepaul19

Oh... and you can text me: 310-870-3349

Business: [email protected]


1:06My Message To Conor McGregor.
My Message To Conor McGregor.visningar 4,1mnMånad sedan
9:21goodbye california. a new chapter.
goodbye california. a new chapter.visningar 6mnMånad sedan
0:58My $50 Million Dollar Offer To Conor McGregor
My $50 Million Dollar Offer To Conor McGregorvisningar 3,9mn2 månader sedan
1:07my message to KSI. lmao.
my message to KSI. lmao.visningar 4,2mn2 månader sedan
25:51Are we dating again?
Are we dating again?visningar 2,9mn3 månader sedan
11:17She cheated.
She cheated.visningar 2,5mn3 månader sedan
2:43Jake Paul \u0026 Mike Tyson (OFFICIAL FIGHT TRAILER)
2:48Jake Paul - DUMMY ft. TVGUCCI (Official Lyric Video)
10:36i'm happy.
i'm happy.visningar 2,1mn4 månader sedan
13:47Jake Paul vs Ryan Garcia is happening?
Jake Paul vs Ryan Garcia is happening?visningar 3,5mn5 månader sedan
6:31Logan and I address our issue...
Logan and I address our issue...visningar 3,5mn6 månader sedan
14:24KSI is *REALLY* sad...
KSI is *REALLY* sad...visningar 2,9mn6 månader sedan
6:58Behind the scenes of "Fresh Outta London"
Behind the scenes of "Fresh Outta London"visningar 2,3mn7 månader sedan
10:07Exposing the Hype House Members
Exposing the Hype House Membersvisningar 2,9mn7 månader sedan
10:27Sex tape?
Sex tape?visningar 6mn7 månader sedan
7:15I'm single and I hate Logan Paul.
I'm single and I hate Logan Paul.visningar 4,1mn7 månader sedan
10:07I Caught Them Destroying My Lamborghini *FOOTAGE*
8:55Meet Our HOT New Roommates!
Meet Our HOT New Roommates!visningar 3,5mn7 månader sedan
11:49I BROKE MY RIB CAGE *we called an ambulance*
I BROKE MY RIB CAGE *we called an ambulance*visningar 3,4mn7 månader sedan


  • Just realized jake paul looks like zeke yeager.

  • And tidus vlogs. Too their dope

  • this is the first time jake paul held a book, 😭😭 he has finally grew up

  • Jake i subscribe and like all your vioeos can i get a shout out if you do shout outs

  • Can I have a heart that was a good prezant jake

  • He had made a whole book of garbage.

  • no one- jake actually thinking he can beat mayweather

  • me sees mute button: me wonder what it dose... me presses it: before video starts Me: what are they so hyped about?

  • Jake Paul did you checked out where you left your drugs?

  • Her screams make me loose my apatite

  • Hi jake I love your channel I subscribed and hit the like button you are amazing

  • I got a burrito you got a burrito we all got a burrito everybody sing it YAYYYY

  • Yup, just had to come back to see if this was really the guy that said pewdiepie's next

  • Im here cus i wanna get the daily cringe done

  • This comment section is manly for haters than his fans 😂


  • name your fish andy

  • 200k dislikes come on

  • Rip fighting skillz

  • Dog water so free

  • Dude Jake Ben askrin cant fuckin fight and you know that. Quit cherry picking ur fights and fight someone who u think would actually put up a good fight. The only reason why u challenged Conor is because you know he thinks ur a joke and would say no. Ur quite pathetic.

  • How tf is this family friendly lol

  • love you jake paul

  • I like how in the video before this he tells KSI to stop making it about the money. This video he has $50,000,000.

  • I'm your biggest fan

  • Its funny how he and his freind thinks hes funny but Its really embarrassing.😐

  • I miss the old jake paul

  • Favourite song so far 😍

  • Mans licked his finger to hold the page?🤨

  • Just delete it already

  • Rip jake Paul

  • 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 2712345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890

  • you yes did cool look book had are the world as in go

  • Who’s hear when jake is about to fight Ben


  • Ffs if only this were real :(

  • If connor fights jake i hope jake gets knocked out

  • Mango

  • I'm Jake Paul's number one fan even have a ghost in my room

  • have a broken leg because I have a broken spike tonight

  • This song as got more dislikes that likes 😂😂

  • I know because do you know twins you do know ago in back then I watched Emilio and Ivn I think so but their shoes okay remember them didn't okay be okay you be fine take care

  • No ones scared of you

  • Y did the goat say neh??

  • jimmy the rebouding god

  • Bro if you have the balls fight me Use code jake paul

  • 2:14 you're welcome!

  • 9:20 you're welcome!

  • This sounds like wood land park

  • 💕💕Disney Channel should hire you back you have good acting skills 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • 5.1 mill dislikes vs 3 mill ..... i like those odds

  • 5:18 your welcome 👍

  • This guy's the type of person to a sign a petition when the world ends

  • i liked him when he was a relatively positive person. he got crusty and annoying when erika left him.

  • he just wants to stay relevant and boxing is his last resort

  • This song is better on mute doe

  • Why you post youtube vids man just stop no one like you . . Just stop uploading( i came here just to dislike as i saw McGregor's name on it lol)😂😂

  • Kkskskskskssss


  • Why u so egoist ,,u just nothin in front of McGregor u lil pice of sheet ( lol rip eng) . . I also suggest u go play football with 8 year olds in your neighborhood 😂😂 . . Thats what u supposed to do😂😂

  • Yeah..........wtf

  • lol

  • Fucking clount

  • Wow sooo great 😑

  • Meh

  • KSI isn't scared of you. He is unselfish unlike you. He is concerned for people. As soon as covids over your getting knocked out on that canvas.

  • DEaR yOuTuBe I KiDnAp JaKe PaUl oh hell na baby I'd they kidnap me ima throw them to my toilet hell na

  • I am shock 😲 that he can read

  • 23 is the number of girls he got regected from

  • Can you stop cursing in your videos

  • Such a pussy jake paul is deluded

  • What is that shite music

  • jake

  • Y don’t u fight a real fighter that actually boxes

  • Jake🤮🤮

  • This is how capitalism works


  • Always training for a fight? Who has this kid fought?

  • They will get together one day 😱 stay tuned, Jake paul pro boxer 🤯 Jerika will be real One day soon 🙂

  • Ha jake I got one of your old murch and ride on with your boxing team